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Austin Creative Journal - New Trends in Logo Design

Logo Design Trends in 2021

It should go without saying that any business cannot expect to build a strong brand identity without good design. Design strategy can make or break the way a company is perceived, and this can fall heavily on logo design. It is most likely what your audience will see first when they encounter your brand, so you want to make sure your logo stands out (in a good way). It is the job of a logo to effectively reflect your brand and make sure it doesn’t get lost in the crowd. There are thousands of businesses out there, so logo design must constantly evolve and innovate in order to capture the attention of your audience.

As logo trends evolve from year to year, it is worth noting that not all trends are worth exploring. Sometimes a logo can do more harm than good, by not appropriately conveying your brand message or by looking dated or generic. The trends that are successful are created by innovative designers who understand the value of a great logo. That being said, trends should not govern your logo design. In choosing a direction for your brand’s logo and visual design, it is important to consider the products or services you are offering as well as the overall brand voice you wish to convey. Trends can, however, offer an excellent jumping off point and inspire creativity for your design team in creating something that is truly special.

Monochromatic and single-color palettes:

Monochromatic color palettes and designs feature varying shades of one color, focusing the attention on line and form to create a distinct logo. The great thing about these designs is that they can be added to just about any background and retain its visual impact. It really focuses on choosing the right color to reflect the brand, and simplifies the message.

Muted Colors:

Softer colors are becoming more popular right now, and we can venture to guess that this is due to the recent stressors that took hold of our world in 2020. Although historically, bright colors have a massive visual impact on screen presence, audiences are responding positively to soft, toned down colors. This direction works especially well for brands that focus on natural or organic products and solutions.


This is a trend that has carried over from past years, and seems to only be growing in popularity. Companies are wanting to simplify their approach to visual representation, and so we see logos that are more refined and professional. Busy logos that over complicate things end up leaving a negative impression on your audience, while minimal logos can bring an air of authority and are highly responsive. An added bonus is that this style really cuts down on potential errors in design. Minimalism will always wax and wane in popularity but it will never truly leave us.

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Ink Stamped:

Ink stamped logos are great for brands that are more artistic or literary in nature, but would not be so great for a tech company. That being said, there is something completely nostalgic about these designs, successfully conveying a particular message. These logo designs look great utilizing handwritten fonts for a signature style design, or with brand motivated imagery. The possibilities really are endless.

Authenticity and Trends

While we have outlined a few current logo trends here, it is essential for us to recognize that creating a logo is not meant to be steeped in whatever is trendy (which generally does not change that drastically from year to year) but to represent something in a long-lasting way. It should be authentic to your brand, and if that happens to resonate with a particular current trend, that’s great! If not, that is also great! Designing a logo is not a one size fits all task. If you don’t know where to begin, we are here to help.
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