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Discovery Research

With a discovery and brand audit, Austin Creative can help you understand the business issues you face so that we can co-design an effective strategy for you. That understanding will inform all of our work together.

We’ll review documents and marketing materials and conduct interviews during a half day or full day workshop. During this on-site session, we’ll interview C-level executives and directors to unearth critical insights, examine company values, and learn about your customers, mission, and business goals.

We need to know your audience before we can build a brand and marketing to inform them. Through research and interviews with actual customers, we will explore your audiences and create buyer personas that identify their background, goals, challenges, common objections and how your business solves their pain points.

We’ll break down your website and look at what’s working and what needs to be improved. Is it conversion-focused? Are different audiences being guided to the correct calls to action? What tech stack is driving your online marketing? Is your content strategy adding value or driving traffic in the opposite direction?

Finally, we’ll drill down deep into your brand. A competitive audit and positioning map examines your brand’s value proposition relative to your competition and reveals where opportunities lie. Are all your touchpoints in sync with your brand? Is your brand driving engagement?

Our expert team will highlight the gap between where you want to be and where your business currently stands. Then we recommend a strategy to get you there.